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Beginner Strength Programmes

It’s Not Just Faith That Can Move Mountains!

These are the beginner strength training programmes. These programmes will suit you if you are not so much seeking muscular size (although strength training is a great way to build dense muscle mass), but in fact muscular strength. These programmes may be considered to be more functional, as the focus is on the basic compound exercises used in resistance training. A compound exercise is one that involves multiple joints, meaning multiple muscles too (no bicep curls sorry). These types of exercises will be best for increasing dense muscle mass and muscular strength, and also a side-effect of increased fat burning over standard isolation exercises!

I would recommend that complete beginners to resistance exercise wishing to increase their strength should go for the 1 session per week plan, as this will allow the other 6 days in the week for the body to recover properly – trust me this will be needed. Strength training places a lot of pressure on the joints and connective tissues in the body, so ample recovery is necessary especially for a complete beginner. This programme is also ideal for people who may have time constraints, and simply can’t afford the time to train more than once per week. If you already have some experience with resistance or strength training then I would recommend that you opt for the 2 sessions per week plan. This plan includes an upper-lower split, allowing for more intensity in the exercises focusing on upper body and lower body strength movements on different days.

1x Per Week: 

2x Per Week: