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Beginner Mass Builder Programmes

All Roads Lead to Gains…

Here we have the beginner mass builder programmes. These are the programmes for you if you are new to exercise or to a bodybuilding style of training, and want to increase your muscle mass. There are 2 options for you to choose from: 2 sessions per week consisting of 2 whole body training sessions, and 3 sessions per week consisting of a front, back and legs spilt. I would personally recommend that an absolute beginner to start on the 2 sessions per week plan, as this will allow for the body to adapt to the new pressures and strains being placed upon it. I would therefore recommend that anyone with previous training experience go for the 3 sessions per week plan as this is more likely to be beneficial as the 3-way training spilt is often regarded as the best training style for increasing muscle mass. Find below each programme, click on the links for more information on each.

2x Per Week:


3x Per Week: