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Beginner Fat Burner Programmes

Set Your Fat on Fire!

Here we have the beginner fat burner programmes. As you can tell from the title, these programmes are gonna burn. The way they have been designed is that you will be performing a mixture of SSE or steady state exercise and HIIE or high intensity intermittent exercise, along with some strength training. This is scientifically proven to be one of the best methods of burning both visceral and subcutaneous fat (the fat around your organs and the normal skin fat we all know, respectively), with studies finding results as good as a decrease of 48% of abdominal fat after just 8 weeks! This is of course variable depending on nutrition and training effort on your behalf, so if you want to see the best results out of these programmes, you need to put your all into this, it’s not just a breezy Sunday walk in any case.

The beginner fat burner series programmes are available for 2 sessions per week or 3 sessions per week. I would highly recommend the 3 sessions per week plan as this is going to give you the best results 99.9% guaranteed over the 2 sessions per week plan. Only if you really don’t have the time would I recommend that you take the 2 sessions per week plan. This is because in this plan you are doing 33% less work than in the 3 sessions per week plan, meaning that it will take longer and require you to make more serious changes to your diet that you may not want to, in order to reach your goals of having the ever sought after 6-pack, being able to fit in the wedding dress of your dreams, or even being able to post that topless holiday pic from the beach and brag to your friends and family. Whatever your goal may be, you can reach it easily with these programmes and professional training and motivation from myself. Below are the links for each programme:

2x Per Week:

3x Per Week: