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Choosing The Right Path to Success

Welcome to the heart of JLPT. Here you will find the core training programmes I have created for you to reach your fitness goals. These are standardised programmes that anyone can use, and I have provided all the information you will need in order to follow these training programmes perfectly without any extra help. Included in the programmes are: detailed cardiovascular, joint and muscle warm-ups and cool downs, a main cardiovascular exercise, the main resistance exercises with sets, reps, % of 1 rep max intensities and rest times, and all come with a list of teaching points about how to perform these exercises properly with the correct technique to ensure safe conduct and maximal results from your exercise.

Below I have created two series of programmes: the beginner series and the advanced series. The beginner series is the right path for you if have currently have less than 1 year of consistent training experience in the area you wish to focus on – mass building, strength training, or fat loss. These programmes will also suit you best if time constraints are a big factor preventing you from exercising regularly, as the beginner programmes do not exceed 4 sessions per week. The sessions provided will be beneficial in producing new muscle mass and improving the neuro-muscular connection (mind-body connection) in order to allow you to experience increases in lean muscle mass, muscular strength, and increased fat burning. The advanced series is for people who are currently active and train regularly, usually with more than a year of consistent regular training. These programmes will allow you to build on what you have already developed, and will provide methods of breaking through plateaus, a common occurrence in many training routines that end up demotivating and derailing many people in their fitness journey. These programmes will have you training on most days of the week, and this is done by carefully creating training splits that allow ample recovery for the muscles and joints whilst still being able to train on many days, and put more intensity into your training routines for different parts of your body.

Beginner Series Programmes:

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Advanced Series Programmes:

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