Joe Lefebvre Personal Training


11 Oct

The beginner fat burner programmes are now complete! This is marks the completion of all the standard beginner training programmes! The advanced series programmes are next on the agenda and will be completed soon, with regular updates being provided. Stay tuned people, exciting things are coming…

07 Oct

The beginner strength series programmes along with their 8-week progressive overviews are now fully complete! These training programmes will focus almost exclusively on heavy compound barbell lifts with the aim of increasing full body joint and muscular strength. If anyone is interested in the purchase of these programmes or wish to use either of these programmes in personal training with me then please email me at or give me a call at 07402266112 and I will gladly arrange this.

04 Oct

The hypertrophy (mass builder) series as part of the beginner series programmes are now complete! Once the other beginner programmes are complete I will be releasing them on here for sale and for use in my 1-on-1 training with clients. More updates coming soon!